Marshmallow Jetpack is a small, vibrant new game studio. We thrive on creating engaging stories told through captivating games.


// NFT

Klapes is a project of 5,000 programmatically generated NFTs that are totally unique and 100% owned by you. Built on the Klaytn blockchain, Klapes allows you to join a fun community where you can collect and share your Klapes with your friends.

Associated projects within the Klapes Universe include Klapes DAO, Storks, Klapes Babies, and Klapes Klubhouse.


Currently in development, our upcoming space-themed DeFi game, Next Horizon, allows players to step into the role of explorers collecting resources to help escape inevitable destruction.

Harvest the resources of the galaxy yourself or become a pirate and steal from others: what will you do?


Currently in development, our debut game Velkin Falling unites high-quality, tactical combat gameplay with collectible NFTs.

If you’re interested in giant mechs blowing things up merged with blockchain technology, then check out Velkin Falling’s Twitter for more details!


The Mallow Coin aims to support developers in the creation of their projects in the expanding worlds of both video games and blockchains.

The merging of these two industries, along with their communities, is what the Mallow Coin is all about.


Marshmallow Jetpack is a team of life-long gamers and industry veterans who are committed to building immersive worlds.

Bex Smith
Project Manager and connoisseur of coziness who bleeds lofi
David Rivera
Project Manager who, when not working, can be found napping... anywhere
James Turner
Founder, Business and Game Development human, single malt whisky fan
Russ Pippin
Founder, Creative Director, grill master, and dad joke aficionado
Rusty Lopez
Software Engineer and wizard of web
Sam Betts
Business & Finance Mage, avid player of games, CEO of Zeal to the moon

COME work with us

The s’more the merrier! Marshmallow Jetpack is currently a fully remote, creative powerhouse team of individuals who encourage balancing work with fun.

We believe in the strength of various backgrounds and aim to build an inclusive environment in which people can truly showcase their talents and personalities. If you’re passionate about making fun games, please apply!

We welcome open applications! Email us at


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